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Garland Films was formed in the 1970s by the late Barry Callaghan, a professional film maker,

musician and dancer, with the object of recording English folk music, dance and song. He developed a style of filming which was at once empathetic with his subjects but also revealed the underlying folkloristic and social backgrounds his imformants.


Since his untimely death in 2007 the company has been run by Chris Metherell who worked with Barry on a number of projects. As well as continuing Barry's stylistic methodologies we have also branched out into the world of archival film and photographic material, producing DVDs utilising pre-existing film, sometimes dating back to the 1930s.


Technology having moved on, we also produce combined DVDs and DVD-ROMs enabling films to be backed by often large quantities of photographic, sound and written archival material. This process gives the opportunity of providing a study of the subject in a depth never previously undertaken.


  • Completion of a film of the Manley Morris Dancers, left unfinished at Barry's death and still remaining to be finalised.
  • Editing of the 2012 Festival of Village Carols held in Grenoside, South Yorkshire.
  • Editing and final production of a film of the clog dancer Alex Boydell shot in 2011.
  • Re-editing of the masters of some 10 years' of films of the Reading Days of Dance. These events showcased clog and step dancing and provide a valuable record of many traditional and other dancers.


Garland Films has an unrivalled expertise in digitising and restoring old folklore-related films. If you have suitable material of whatever type be they 8mm home movies, video tapes or more esoteric formats please contact us. In some circumstances we are able to provide this service free of charge, depending upon the material concerned.

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