Bert Bowden


Documenting English Music, Dance and Song

Bert Bowden. Clog Dancer and Entertainer.


Bert Bowden was born and brought up in the Toxteth area of Liverpool. He was taught to dance by his father, Nathaniel, shortly after WW1.


This DVD features archival material from 1983 of Bert remembering and dancing many of the steps which were collected from him at that time.


Bert’s six hornpipe steps are featured in full as is his excellent Lily of Laguna routine. There follow a number of steps in various time signatures: waltz, fast 4/4 and even a step which Bert described “buck dancing”.


Also featured are modern interpretations of the Hornpipe routine and the DVD concludes with Bert demonstrating his skills as a puppeteer.


The original of this DVD was shot on VHS tape, and the quality of reproduction is commensurate with the development of this medium the time the film was made. Issued in 2008.


Length 28 minutes. Price £11.50 including p&p.


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