Clog Dance


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Clog Dancing


The clog dance is an essentially Northern form of traditional dance, although similar traditions, albeit performed in hard shoes, are found in many other parts of the country.


Each dancer had a repertoire of steps, normally handed down by a dancing master (or mistress) or sometimes by family members. Some dancers honed their skills in competitions, which were a feature of the traditional scene before the Second World War. Others danced in concert parties, or simply at family gatherings.


Although many steps have now been published, the notation of clog steps is a difficult and it is impossible to capture successfully the nuances of an individual dancer's style on the printed page. Thus these film records are a vital part of the process of transmission of the tradition.


Garland Films made its first film of a traditional clog dancer, Ivy Sands, in 1982, and has regularly continued to produce records of the repertoires of a number of performers.cripts and books, photographs and other records where these are available.


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