Ivy Sands


Documenting English Music, Dance and Song

Ivy Sands. Clog Dancer


When Instep Research Team members first knocked on Ivy Sands’ door in Newbiggin, Northumberland, they found that she had not danced a step since the war. However with the research team’s questions and Ivy’s enthusiasm, a rich haul of dance steps was recovered from Ivy’s memory; and, with a little practice, her clog dancing proved to be still nimble and precise, with a rhythmic firmness that puts most of today’s dancers to shame.


The steps have been grouped into three routines; a single hornpipe, a double hornpipe and an exhibition set, and the routines show her to be a dancer of quality.


The dance routines are set in an extended conversation with Alice Metherell, in which Ivy reminisces about her life and her dancing. Overall this gives a fascinating picture of clog dancing in Northumberland during the 1930s and 1940s.








Notations for the steps have been published in the Newcastle Series:


A.S & C. Metherell, Mrs Ivy Sands' Single and Sailor's Hornpipes, Newcastle: Newcastle Series, [1984], 14pp.


A.S. & C. Metherell, Mrs Ivy Sands' Double Hornpipe, Newcastle: Newcastle Series, (1981), 15p.


A.S. & C. Metherell, Mrs Ivy Sands' Exhibition Steps, Newcastle: Newcastle Series, (1982), 15p.


The film was originally shot in U-Matic format.


Length 32 minutes. Price £11.50 including p&p.


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