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Stepping Out with Mrs Marhoff


Vi Marhoff was born and bred in Silksworth, Co. Durham. She began to learn to dance in 1921, when her grandfather, William Wynn, originally from Wales, taught her his clog steps.


Vi learned four sets of steps, a single hornpipe, a double hornpipe, a toe and heel routine for which her favourite tune was Woodland Flowers) and an exhibition routine in schottische time (for which she preferred Lily of Laguna or Narcissus). She was also able to perform some step units in waltz time.


The film features all of Vi Marhoff’s steps, many of which she performs herself, interspersed by performances by two fieldworkers from the Instep Research Team, Julie Jarman and Alice Smith.


The film was shot in Vi Marhoff’s home in Silksworth in 1984.


Notations for some of the steps have been published in the Newcastle Series:


J. Jarman & A. Smith, Mrs Marhoff. Single and Double Hornpipes, Newcastle: Newcastle Series, (1982), 7p., 2nd Edn, (2002)


The original of this DVD was shot on VHS tape, and the quality of reproduction is commensurate with the development of this medium at the time the film was made.


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