Pat Tracey Hornpipe and Jig


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Pat Tracey 2. Lancashire Hornpipe, Lancashire Jig and Lancashire "Irish"


In this film Pat Tracey shows three routines. The hornpipe was learned from her grandfather, who was a professional dancer, and is a routine of considerable skill and sophistication. The Jig is a skilful solo dance with overtones of an Irish influence in some of the steps, which sometimes work in counterpoint with the music.


The final sequence is a reconstruction, with members of the Reading Traditional Step Dance Group, of a family gathering in the 1940s, in Nelson, Lancashire, of the Smith family, who were exponents of what was known as the Lancashire “Irish” – a social dance in clogs which appears to have been borne out of a fusion of the Irish step-dancing of immigrant cotton workers and the native Lancashire clog steps. The exuberance and vigour of this dance is little short of spectacular, and Pat follows up the dance by demonstrating some of the individual steps in detail.


The film was originally shot in 1987 on 16mm film for the Reading Step and Traditional Dance Group.


Length 34 minutes. Price £11.50 including p&p.

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