Pat Tracey Toe and Heel Dances


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Pat Tracey 1. The Old Lancashire Toe and Heel Style


Pat Tracey learned her clog dancing from her family and their friends in the East Lancashire area where she grew up. She spent almost 50 years, until her death in 2008, travelling the country teaching and performing her routines and appearing at festivals , dances and concerts. Her reputation, both as a teacher and performer is second to none.


Pat virtually single-handedly preserved and disseminated the old Lancashire style of “toe and heel” clog dancing, which comes from her native East Lancashire – Burnley, Nelson and Colne. This film is devoted to recording that style of clog dance in a number of settings. The film consists of three routines: a Sailors’ Hornpipe, a Stage Dance and a Street dance. All dances are shown both in full-length and in close up of the feet, and there is much fascinating background information both about the social history of the dancing and the way in which many of the steps are derived from the movements and sounds of the cotton mills.


The film was originally shot in 1982 on 16mm film for the Reading Step and Traditional Dance Group.


Length 23 minutes.


Price £11.50 including p&p.

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