Derby Tup


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Derby Tup


“The Derby Tup” is a Christmas Mumming play that, although it has long since died out in Derby itself, still occurs in the North Derbyshire area. It is usually performed by children in the 12-16 age range, visiting pubs in their locality in the weeks before Christmas and New Year. This film shows a version of the play from Ridgeway, Derbyshire, and was filmed in the winters of 1971 and 1972; it includes background to the locality as well as a complete version of the play, and footage of the team performing in several pubs.


A well-produced and sympathetic description of a little-known and fascinating custom.” Bill Leader.


“’Derby Tup’ is one of the most important films in the field of English folk custom. Genuine, scholarly, and a sensitive product of the film-maker’s craft, it deserves to be widely seen and appreciated.” Prof S.F. Sanderson.


This film was originally shot in 16mm format in black and white.


Length 17 minutes. Price £11.50 including p&p.

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