Documenting English Music, Dance and Song


The Grenoside Traditional Sword Dancers.


This disk contains a newly edited film, featuring several archival clips of the Grenoside team, one from as long ago as 1927 together with a new film of the complete dance shot especially for this DVD.


Also on the disk is a DVD-ROM section featuring over 40 archival films of the team, hundreds of photographs and a wealth of other information including sections on notations for the dance, stepping, history, music and many hundreds of pages of documents.


The DVD is designed to play on any domestic player. The DVD-ROM section is for computer use and requires Windows XP or above. The disk is designed to run using the Firefox web browser, with Adobe Flash and Adobe Reader. Although the disk may run using other browsers, the results may be variable and Garland Films cannot guarantee that the disk will operate satisfactorily.



Length 24 minutes plus DVD-ROM content.

Price £11.50 including p&p.



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