Morris Films of Lionel Bacon


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The Morris Films of Lionel Bacon.


Lionel Bacon was born in 1910 and in 1929 went up to Trinity College, Cambridge where he read medicine. He became a keen morris dancer and was admitted to the Cambridge Morris Men in 1932. Whilst with that club, known when touring as the Travelling Morrice, he had the opportunity of meeting, and unusually for that period, of filming both traditional dancers and the revival of the inter-war years. He later joined the London Pride Morris Men in London, and was instrumental in the formation of both the Whitchurch and Winchester teams.


This DVD shows clips of the following occasions and dance teams:


Travelling Morrice in the Welsh Marches 1932

Travelling Morrice in the Cotswolds 1933

Cambridge Morris Men at Ringstead Mill, Norfolk – 1934

Thaxted Morris Weekend 1934

Travelling Morrice in Derbyshire 1934

Travelling Morrice in Suffolk 1935

Dance tour to Somerset 1935

Thaxted Ring Meeting 1936

Wargrave Ring Meeting 1936

Thaxted Ring Meeting 1937

Travelling Morrice in the Cotswolds 1937

Bampton Whit Monday 1935

Collecting at Bampton 1936

Whitchurch Day of Dance 1950


The above feature, amongst others, Henry Hathaway of Swell (1933), William Wells (1935-6), William Kimber (1936 & 1950), The Bampton Morris Men (1935-36), The Headington Quarry Morris Men (1950), The Eynsham Morris (1937), The Chipping Campden Morris (1937), the Winster Morris (1934) and Henry Hemmings of Abingdon (1936), as well as Ring personalities such as Joseph Needham, Alec Hunter (below), Kenworthy Schofield, Douglas Kennedy (above), Arthur Peck, Russell Wortley and Walter Abson.


A closely researched commentary is provided.


The material was originally shot on 9.5mm film and although every effort has been made to enhance this, the quality often remains poor.


Length 65 minutes. Price £11.50 including p&p.



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