Reuben Shaw


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Reuben Shaw


Reuben Shaw, former gravedigger at Eastwood cemetery, Notts, and latterly a nurseryman nearby, has been passionately involved in the concertina, particularly the duet system, for most of his life.


Although he consistently refers to himself as an inferior player compared to the “Greats” of the instrument, he is nevertheless a highly respected player and senior member of the International Concertina Association, and has played with the best.


He learned to play from the brother of the legendary Alexander Prince, and for many years played in the Derwent Trio, with Wilfred Pierce. His memories of these players, and many others, are recorded on this DVD, and he plays recordings of some of them, on phonograph, reel-to-reel and cassette tape.


Although arthritis got to Reuben’s left hand before the video camera, he is still a fine player, and gives us a variety of beautifully orchestrated pieces, including the Intermezzo from Cavalliera Rusticana by Mascagni.


This film was originally shot in U-Matic format in 1987.


Length 50 minutes. Price £11.50 including p&p.


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